OK, last week I went to see Amon Amarth and Dimmu Borgir. Playing together. Live. Amon and Dimmu. It was incredible.

The venue was a different one than I usually go to, and substantially larger, though still no seats or anything. (It’s called Georg Else Halle instead of Backstage, and is near the “other” very large train station in Munich, which means it’s farther away from my place than Backstage is.) Nonetheless, the place was pretty packed. In fact, on Thursday afternoon, after classes, I headed downtown to scoop up some tickets for the show that night, and called Sascha to see whether he’d bought his. “Dude. I was there this morning. They’re already sold out.”

This depressed me more than I can say, but fortunately Sascha had the bright idea of going anyway, to see whether there would still be tickets available at the window, and there were. Thirty bucks a pop, ouch, but still for sale, so no problem.

On the train, I met a 60-year-old Dimmu Borgir fan. How freaking cool is that? Here he is:

What a dude, man.

The best part is that later that night I saw him in the crowd. Actually, I kind of got thrown into him. He was right up on the front rail, headbanging with horns high, elbowing in the face every mosher who got near him. What a dude, man.

The opener of the night was a band called Engel, who were pretty OK. Did a great job working the crowd as an opener, but it wasn’t too difficult, as all the singer had to do was say, “So, who’s ready to see Amon Amarth?” and people were ripping out organs and hurling them at the stage. At least, I know I did.

When Amon Amarth stepped out, oh man, it was intense. They opened, of course, with “Valhall Awaits Me,” opening track on the newest CD. From there they went straight into “Death In Fire,” after making the crowd scream the name of the song and hurl more organs for a minute or two. Their set list was roughly so:

  1. Valhall Awaits Me
  2. Death In Fire
  3. Cry Of The Black Birds
  4. Runes To My Memory
  5. Asator
  6. Gods Of War Arise
  7. Pursuit Of Vikings

They played another song or two, but I can’t really remember what they could have been. Maybe “Bloodshed,” maybe something else off The Fate Of Norns, I don’t remember. To be fair, it’s very hard to distinguish between a lot of their songs lyrically, especially when you’re totally drunk, both from beer and headbutts.

I know they didn’t play “Down The Slopes Of Death” and also not “The Dragons’ Flight Across The Waves,” which are probably my favorite songs of theirs next to “Death In Fire.”

But the songs they did play were definitely winners, and man did the crowd go nuts over their stuff. Every person there knew every word to every song, and the vocalist was loving it. The mic was over the crowd easily as much as it was in the hands of the vocalist. I made some videos of their set, mostly of the crowd, but it got me so pumped that I’m going to dedicate another post to discussing the Vikingage at that show. Just wow, man.

I leave you with a picture of horns and of Sascha headbanging like a pro.

Horns! Fire!


With beer in hand and everything.


That is all for now.