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Turns out “The Settlers” is a stupid game


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So, I lost at “The Settlers.” That was pretty much all I needed to convince myself that it’s a poorly designed game lacking both in artistic creativity and economic balance. Besides, you have to roll dice. Like, how stupid of a rule is that? In a computer game when somebody screws me on a deal I just call in an airstrike on their homebase. Or shoot them in the head (in the game). That’s how we roll in America. Playing these wussy games with Europeans is starting to get on my nerves.

But I did get to make a lot of deals during the game, and I freaking love making deals. It has nothing to do with economic prowess, either, because I let myself get screwed all the time. I just love trading stuff, and getting stuff. Like I started a wheat empire, and hoarded all the wheat resources on the board, and bade the other players lay themselves prostrate before my throne of scythes. Really all they did was just keep mining metal and tending sheep and went on to kick my ass, but I bet the whole time they were at least moderately hungry. Suckers.

Speaking of hungry, that game lasted so long, I haven’t made dinner yet. It’s not even 8pm here, which is messing with my head, because it’s been dark for a very long time. I know this because buildings in Germany are constructed in such a manner that during the day, one need never use artificial lighting. We had to click on overhead lights rather early in our game, and so I was estimating that now it was about 10pm or maybe a little later.

As it stands, I should be going out. But I probably won’t. A bunch of us are still deliberating over a trip to Istanbul in the beginning of December. Roundtrip plane tickets and three nights in a three star hotel costs 160€. That’s pretty sweet. The price jumped to 200€, due to room availability, and I backed out, but now someone’s telling me there’s a plane ticket for around 100€. I could bring a tent, or find a hostel at 10€ a night or something.

I’d actually like to save the money on that and not go, because I’m going to be up in Berlin next weekend, visiting my dearest bro Cihan. And I should think he could get me to Turkey pretty cheaply, and also show me a better time than these Bavarians. 😉

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  1. cihan GERMANY Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox

    4 sure I will. I hope that we can get on a cheap plane and then I show u the BEST Country in hole bloody world. with all my freakin türkish asskicking homeboys 😉

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