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Life without an alarm clock

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Fridays I have completely free. No classes, and as it stands, no job, either. So I spend Thursday nights in revelry, retire late, and remain sloppily in bed until the sun is far past the zenith. (It’s winter, OK?)

After I sort my life out and make myself a bomb omelette, I’ll come back here and sift through the pictures of last night’s Thanksgiving bash to upload. All the Americans cooked for the whole building. I made Stove Top stuffing, because I suck at cooking (and because Jesse’s mom had mailed him some from the States).

Yesterday was a celebrated holiday, so I don’t think it’s any surprise I didn’t post. But for the record, I refrained from posting several times yesterday, just because the welcome page of the blog looked so damn good with the two posts When bored, party and Death walked the earth today side by side. It was freaking gorgeous, man.

Hereby I wreck that order, like a tankard full of gluhwein will dash your coherence asunder amid heaps of stuffing and rivulets of gravy.

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