Got suckered into lanning a little more with the guys again tonight. Well, I guess they’re more the ones who got suckered, seeing as I pwned them so hard. Once again. With sniper rifles. In their brains.

Utter pwnage

Although I must be honest and say that once again my game was off when we played dense urban maps, where sniping was all but impossible.

No sniping

What a shame. We didn’t play too long, because we weren’t too many, and we all have classes on the morrow. But several people made the rounds through our rooms and watched the match, and signed up for a much larger game on Saturday afternoon, when nobody has to worry about sleeping reasonable amounts.

For the moment, I’m off to finish a bit of reading before retiring. I don’t have anything due tomorrow, but I do have to prepare for a rather neat guest speaker in my e-society class. I’ll post more about that after the fact.