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On the nature of belief


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From Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather (1996):

“Well, you brought some magic into that little life,” said Albert, as the next child was hurried away.
It’s the expression on their little faces I like, said [Death].
“You mean sort of fear and awe and not knowing whether to laugh or cry or wet their pants?”
Yes. Now that is what I call belief.


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  1. Conor UNITED STATES Ubuntu Linux Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 Post author

    You know, just the other night, I was at a bar with some game development nerds, and one guy was talking about creating a monthly or bimonthly “post-mortem” for game development studios to talk about their experiences and challenges, and kind of share the wisdom around.

    Someone at the table said, “You mean… make a council!” And after many protestations, it was resolved that yes, a council was the intended meaning.

    The gentleman who had originally proposed the post-mortem (or “council,” depending on which side of the argument you were on) said haughtily, “You can be Brother Doorkeeper.” I got the reference, and he and I became fast friends.

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