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Poetry is for the impatient


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  1. Conor UNITED STATES Ubuntu Linux Mozilla Firefox 3.5.4 Post author

    Honestly, I think the all-title format of this post is the byproduct of having more exposure to Twitter than blogs lately.

    But I do think there’s something to the argument that poetry, with its incontestably dense semantic value, feels like astronauts’ space food in comparison to more explicitly worded treatises.

    “Hey, this Weltanschauung tastes like chocolate!”

  2. Conor UNITED STATES Ubuntu Linux Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 Post author

    Personally, I can’t stand Tennyson. Homer I feel I can’t judge because I’d actually be criticizing some Romantic, and Joyce I’m honestly rather partial to.

    So, Tennyson, although I might be conflating “bad” and “dense.”

  3. Julia BRAZIL Windows Vista Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7

    this next blog better be amazing 😉 Read an article on the Economist that reminded me of you. Maybe I will forward… depends on how bitchy i/the scanner am/is feeling tomorrow :)

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