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Still alive

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I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Did indeed hit up Hong Kong, as promised, and Macau, and then Keelung, Jiufen, Baifu this past weekend.

I’m far, far behind on my Flickr activity. Tomorrow I have a lot of midterms, so I’ll be inside all evening flipping between studying and tagging and uploading.

Honestly, I just couldn’t let two Friday Random Tens happen in a row.


Time for a blogging marathon

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I know I haven’t been keeping up with new posts, and I’ve gotten yelled at about that quite a bit. I have this morning off, it’s raining outside, and I’ve made tea. I have many hours before I need to be at work for the evening shift, and I will try to bang out entries this afternoon.

It’s become more urgent because I was offered more hours tomorrow, so I’ll work a double shift then, too. At the very least, I’ll have all of Sunday off! Holidays are grand, no?

Till soon.


I am an educational resource


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Vanity time. Check out how I get all the sick traffic I do.

I'ma learn you something

Pretty 1337, huh? I’m so glad someone was googling “beer pong in German.”

Also, keeping in the spirit of the title of this post, are you confident you know what “pong” means?

pong  [pong, pawng]
1. an unpleasant smell; stink.
–verb (used without object)
2. to have a disagreeable smell; stink.

[Origin: 1915–20; of obscure orig.]

Interesting! Found it out by searching for “beer pong” on LEO, and getting “miefen” back for “pong (Brit.) [coll.].” The entries reference each other, which pissed me off, but fortunately Dictionary.com came through and now I know what “miefen” means.

You mief, dude.


H8 my hosting provider


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Got hoards of e-mails about the site being down for all of five hours. Thanks guys. It’s a long story as to why (not really, but I’m too pissed to tell it at the moment), but I assure you all it has nothing to do with the NSA and the mosque post I made yesterday.


Anyway, tomorrow I’m supposed to pick up a Christmas tree for my dorm floor for installation in the kitchen. Should rock.

I’ll be back online posting all sorts of wonderful news I didn’t get to tonight.

Till then.


Poor performance

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I’ve been getting a lot of complaints about every page on this blog loading very slowly lately. I’m trying to fix it. I assure you it is not heavy traffic, as that’s dropped off in the past few days (either due to lack of content or the horrible load times).

I’m getting tons of “File does not exist” errors regarding a “404.shtml” in the root directory of this domain. Very bizarre.

Today I altered some mod_security filters, but I’ve since undone those changes, and no improvement in performance. I think what may have broken it is that I was trying to sync my blog with some new software I got. I’d read that perhaps WordPress was being cautious and a bit overzealous in blocking requests, and so I tweaked the mod_security stuff. No go, the software didn’t work.

Now I’ve got some additional research to do, but I wanted to make it clear that I’m aware of the problem.

UPDATE: Pretty sure I have it under control now. I’m tired and I don’t feel like going into details now, but I’ll make a post later for posterity—as well as anyone Googling for blog speed tweaking.

Please comment if it’s still slow for you. You shouldn’t need to clear your cache or anything, it should just be magically snappy again.

And watch that damn Viking.


I hate toolbags

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If there’s anything in this world I’ve learned from my bro Nick, it’s the art of griefing n00bz. This is a fundamental life principle. You eat, you breathe, you grief n00bz. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I listed those things in order of importance, though.

Don't blog or something

Apparently some toolbag made a post about how the WGA is on strike and so in order to show solidarity with their cause, nobody should blog today. Because that helps somehow.

Fortunately there’s a really good rebuttal to it on Mashable entitled Blog Nothing Day: No Thanks.

I didn’t even have any content for today, so I probably wouldn’t have posted. But now I’m gonna. *Shakes fist*


Notice: only uptime

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OK, so the upgrade went through fine and I didn’t even have to pull the site down to do it. I did have to flash some ugly pages up for several minutes while the database was updating, but hopefully nobody saw that. 😉 Next time I promise to sandbox ahead of time, or at least put up an “Upgrading!” page in place of the blog for the duration of the procedure.

I’m pretty pleased by the new version. There’s finally integrated tagging, so I can uninstall the third-party plugins I’ve been using to tag posts for content. Hopefully the site will load snappier, too, as there were tweaks to database calls.

From here on out there are some layout changes I’d like to make to the site, starting with how tags are displayed. Maybe I’ll add a tag cloud for the heck of it, though I don’t think I’ve enough entries yet to make that worthwhile.

Suggestions welcome.

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